Nuclear Power Unit

It operates at nuclear power plant sites in the field of preparation, construction, operation, maintenance, demolition and decommissioning of structures and equipment for nuclear power plants, including handling and management of radioactive waste. It has executed contracts of various types at Temelín, Dukovany, Mochovce and Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear power plants.

Manufacture and Assembly of Steel Structures

This strong plant is capable of handling large-scale orders in the field of design and supply of steel structures in their entirety, including the preparation of project documentation in all stages – from design to production documentation, the actual production of medium and heavy steel structures up to EXC3 class and their subsequent assembly.

Its field of activity is transport infrastructure, the energy sector, civil engineering, pipelines, piping and storage tanks. Deliveries may also include corrosion protection in the heated areas of the paint shop or activities and services provided by highly specialised certified personnel (welding and corrosion engineer).


Heritage Restoration Unit

The unit is focused on the reconstruction of listed buildings. It provides comprehensive services for such reconstruction and prepares historical, technical and restoration surveys for buildings, as well as restoration plans. It provides services in the field of restoration, reconditioning and production of replicas of historical elements.

The restoration studio operating within the unit is responsible for the restoration of joinery elements, windows, doors and wood panelling, including related technologies. Varnishing works including graining and shellac polishes, related arts and crafts works – glass restoration, gilding, replicas of fittings, restoration of locksmith and artisan metalwork elements, restoration of arts and crafts furniture including marquetry and inlay. It makes replicas of windows, doors and wall tiles.

It specialises in atypical fire closures for historical buildings.

Engineering Structures Unit

The unit is focused on the implementation of civil engineering structures mainly in the built-up areas of municipalities in Central Bohemia and Prague. Its main focus is the construction and reconstruction of water mains, sewers, cable lines and heating pipelines. It provides complete street reconstruction including construction readiness for asphalt overlays and cement-concrete covers. The unit is certified to work in non-public airport areas.

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