Whistleblower Protection at Metrostav DIZ

In accordance with Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on whistleblower protection, as amended, (hereinafter the “Act”) the Company, as an obliged entity under the Act, publishes the following information in accordance with Section 9(2)(b):

Metrostav DIZ has designated the following persons as competent persons to receive notifications under the Act:

  • Denis Panagopulos, tel. +420 720 821 163, e-mail address: whistleblowing@metrostavdiz.cz
  • Hana Nevřalová, MBA, tel. +420 720 821 564, e-mail address: whistleblowing@metrostavdiz.cz

Correspondence address of the competent persons: attention of the competent person, Metrostav DIZ s.r.o., Koželužská 2450/4, 180 00 Prague 8.

A notification under the Act must not be anonymous, i.e. it must contain information about the first name, surname and date of birth, or other information from which the whistleblower’s identity can be inferred.


A notification under the Act can be made:

  • Through the internal notification system of Metrostav DIZ, i.e.:

In writing:

  • using the internal application accessible on Sharepoint
  • to the e-mail address: whistleblowing@metrostavdiz.cz
  • by letter addressed to the competent persons at the following address: Metrostav DIZ s.r.o., Koželužská 2450/4, 180 00 Prague 8, an envelope must be visibly marked “Oznámení dle zákona o ochraně oznamovatelů – k rukám příslušné osoby, NEOTEVÍRAT” (“Notification under Whistleblower Protection Act – Attention of Competent Person, DO NOT OPEN”).



By telephone – to the contact telephone numbers of the competent persons

  • Denis Panagopulos, tel. +420 720 821 163
  • Hana Nevřalová, MBA, tel. +420 720 821 564

In person:

by agreement with the specific competent person

  • Through notification to the Ministry of Justice (https://oznamovatel.justice.cz)


The obliged entity, Metrostav DIZ, excludes the acceptance of notifications from a person who does not perform work or other similar activity for the obliged entity pursuant to Section 9(3)(a), (e), (h) or (i) of the Act; Metrostav DIZ therefore only accepts notifications from:

  • persons who perform employment work for Metrostav DIZ in a basic employment relationship (Section 2(3)(a) of the Act);
  • persons who perform the office of a member of a body of the legal entity Metrostav DIZ (Section 2(3)(e) of the Act);
  • persons who perform volunteer activities for Metrostav DIZ (Section 2(3)(h) of the Act);
  • persons who are on work experience and internships for DIZ (Section 2(3)(i) of the Act).

Further information for such whistleblowers is available at the Metrostav DIZ Sharepoint.

All persons, i.e. those mentioned above and others, can continue to use the Metrostav Group Ethics Hotline available HERE. You can also submit an anonymous complaint via the Metrostav Group Ethics Hotline.

For the protection of personal data of whistleblowers and other persons concerned – see the Privacy Policy available HERE.