The energy sector is represented by contracts leading to the greening of existing energy sources (power plants and heating plants) as well as innovative EPC projects focused on the increasing trend of energy recovery from waste. The steel structure production and assembly technology is in no small part oriented towards implementation support for projects for the greening of energy sources.

Another reference in this segment is the area of nuclear power plants – preparation, construction, operation, maintenance, demolition and decommissioning of structures and equipment at nuclear power plants, including handling and management of radioactive waste.

Reconstruction of Power Plant Desulphurisation System, Prunéřov
Segment: Energy Investor: ČEZ, a. s. Location: Prunéřov Status: Completed
Reduction of SOx Emissions, K1–K6 Boilers, Mělník I Power Plant
Segment: Energy Investor: Energotrans, a.s. Location: Mělník Status: Completed
Construction of System for Mercury Removal from Flue Gas, Kadaň-Tušimice Power Plant
Segment: Energy Investor: ČEZ, a. s. Location: Kadaň-Tušimice Status: Completed